Lisa Giulianelli

At Oats Any Time, our focus is on providing Real Food, made from High Quality ingredients, for Clean Eating. We take the time to home mill our 100% Whole Grain, Non-GMO, Gluten-Free Steel-Cut Oats, to ensure you receive the most nutrition and freshest taste. We then combine them with a short list of well known, all natural ingredients. Thru a Collaboration with the New England Cupboard (Maine Specialty Food Mix Manufacturer founded in 1995), Oats Any Time’s Proprietary Gluten Free O.A.T. Blend is now the #1 Ingredient in their new line of Gluten-free Baking Mixes! A GLUTEN-Free O.A.T. Blend that will appeal to EVERYONE, Steel Cut Oats and Cashews freshly milled in Hermon Maine, creating a Unique Wholegrain, Nutritious, Gluten-Free product. Stock your shelves with Maine Made Gluten-free Mixes!

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