Celebrating 10 Years of FarmDrop

FarmDrop started as a way for producers to get their products to customers, year-round, without having to set up tents in the snow and freeze their knuckles off. Pretty smart right? The original FarmDroppers, Mary Alice and George Hurvitt, running things out of the Blue Hill Wine Shop, took a simple technology (originally designed for shoemakers in India) and used it in a way that made sense for their local producer community. It was a collaborative effort then, and it continues to be to this day, with producers and market hub managers from our 10+ different community markets contributing ideas every day to improve our model.

FarmDrop has always had a social mission–driven by the producers themselves–to share produce and revenue with local organizations making good food available to all. That remains our mission today and we do this through the digital technologies that, quite simply, are just how most people communicate now. We’re taking the hard, time consuming, sometimes wasteful and costly processes of managing multiple farmers markets, and creating a smooth, streamlined, and easy alternative to connect directly with customers.

We believe that the future of farm viability and food access is going to be digitally powered, and we work everyday to make that technology as simple and effective as it can be for customers & producers alike.

It takes a village… it takes a state…it takes a network of connected food communities throughout the Northeast and nationally, to bring to life our dream of vibrant local food economies, and an end to food waste and hunger. Everyone can get involved, with just a click of a button, in revitalizing our commitment to our neighbors and the places we call home.
Thank you for being with us on this journey.
Hannah + Kelin + The FarmDrop Team

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