Creamy Acres Creamery

Creamy Acres Creamery


Creamy Acres is a small creamery located on our family-owned dairy cow farm in Troy ME. (Happy Acres Farm) Happy Acres has been a running farm for over 20 years that Nikki’s parents started. In 2001 Happy Acres transitioned the farm from Unity to the current location in Troy. Happy Acres has primarily Registered Jerseys, Registered Holstiens and a few Registed Aryshires and Guernseys. Over the last few years, the market for smaller farms has started to be seen as less of a priority than the larger farms, Kyle and Nikki disagree with that philosophy which is why they created Creamy Acres Creamery as an extension of Happy Acres to create delicious value-added products from our very own cows. Creamy Acres started as a vision a couple of years ago where Kyle and Nikki started with just drawing up plans and ideas. Then they decided it would be great to get real experience. That’s when they both started working for Springdale Farm, Kyle started working on the farm first while Nikki was still finishing college, and then a couple of months later she joined with working on the farm part-time. Which eventually turned into her working at Springdale Creamery where she got real hands on experience of the cheese making industry. Although, we currently no longer work there Carrie was a tremendous help in giving us the experience and knowledge and encouragement to create our business, we will be forever thankful. A few years ago we ended up purchasing a used reefer container that we placed on the farm and began renovations including; electrical, plumbing, and pouring cement which we managed to complete with just the two of us. Throughout the years both of us have managed to complete our goals of building our Creamery while working at Springdale and still managing our time enough to work on Happy Acres Farm. Fast forward to the present where we equipped the facility with a 26-gallon vat and all other needed equipment to create the best dairy products we can for you such as our bottled milk and specialty cheeses.

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