Honestleigh Acres

Honestleigh Acres


Honestleigh Acres is a small family owned and operated farm that is committed to providing our clients with healthful and nutritious produce. We manage our operation using the best ideas from numerous grow theories including: organic, biodynamic, veganic, and permaculture techniques.

Honestleigh Acres harvests many of the “staple” items that most keep handy in the kitchen (cucumbers, carrots, tomatoes, string beans, sugar and snap peas, winter and summer squash and mixed greens). We strive to produce and carry these items earlier and later than the average local farm. We also produce greens and salad mix throughout the winter and spring.
In addition to the produce, we also have Italian-American and French-American inspired baked goods. Cannoli, biscotti and ricotta cookies are some favorites; as well as artisan and sandwich breads.

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