Marilyn's Jam Session

Marilyn's Jam Session


Marilyn’s Jam Session came to life 14 years ago out of Marilyn Cleveland’s lifelong improvisatory approach to culinary endeavors. She first decided to focus on pepper jams which eventually included Jalapeno Swing, Hot Licks Jalapeno, Apricot Habanera, Czech It Out!, and Orange Up! (going from mild to hot).Soon afterward, she tackled fruit jams which included Blueberry Riff ( blueberry jam enhanced with a bit or lime), Rhubarb Gingerly ( Rhubarb and ginger combo), Blackberry Blues ( blackberry/blueberry seedless jam), and others. Relish That Zucchini and Conquered Grape ( wild grape catsup) followed. She has also added a wide range of baked goods, including 10 shortbread varieties (among them,  Cranberry Rosemary with Orange, Chocolate Cayenne with Sea Salt, Lemon Thyme, and Cinnamon Pecan). Her Jazz Pianist husband, Scott ( who has a zero IQ in culinary arts) names many of her preserves!

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