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Marr Pond Farm

Founded in 2016, Marr Pond farmers Courtney and Ryan grow delicious MOFGA-certified organic vegetables, log-grown shiitake mushrooms, cut flowers, and herbs with an emphasis on soil health and sustainable management practices. Our customers rave about the flavor and quality of our crops!

“I take my veggies with my heart full of gratitude every Market day and the details, effort, honesty that comes with every interaction is part of the reason why I support Marr Pond Farm.” – A.L.

We include cover cropping, composting, and reduced tillage to conserve natural resources and promote biodiversity. We never use synthetic chemicals on our farm. Instead, we rely on natural pest predators, crop rotation, and organic materials to help keep pests and plant diseases in check.


We also strive to strengthen and carry on the local traditions of agriculture and land stewardship, while providing educational resources by way of workshops and community involvement.

“The produce is always fresh, plentiful and a great value for the cost… Also the farms staff are friendly and remember your name at pickup which was awesome. ” – T.M.

To learn more about our farm check out our website, follow us on Instagram, or like us on Facebook.

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