Snakeroot Organic Farm

Snakeroot Organic Farm


Snakeroot Organic Farm began in 1995 and is a MOFGA certified organic farm with five acres of gardens producing mixed vegetables, fruits, perennials and herbs. We are members of and certified organic by MOFGA, the Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association. Our farm is inspected and our practices scrutinized by their inspectors each year. Our certification number is 9411. We are also certified by the Real Organic Project, which goes beyond organic in that it also disallows Confinement Animal Feedlot Operations and the soil-less hydroponic production of vegetables.

Tom and Lois have been farming together since 1990, and have over 70 years combined experience growing organically in central Maine. We also sell at our farm in Pittsfield and attend the Pittsfield Farmers’ Market, Unity Farmers’ Market,  Orono Farmers’ Market and the Waterville Farmers’ Markets.

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