Tilth & Timber

Tilth and Timber is a diversified farm designed to nourish and service the community through the production of wholesome foods and handcrafted goods. Located in Castine, ME, we produce vegetables and herbs for CSA members and local market. All of our practices are based on the basic principles of sustainable living and land stewardship.

We farm on 1.5 acres of land located within the greater footprint of Beech Hill, a historic farmstead. Although we are not certified “organic”, we are a no-spray, zero pesticide farm. We do not use any synthetic fertilizers, and rely on soil health, quality compost, and proactive management practices for the success of our crops. We believe that limited soil disturbance is essential for healthy soil biology and ecology, and impliment a “no-till” policy whenever possible. We strive to provide the freshest, healthiest food possible, so that we all can feel good about what we eat.

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