FarmDrop is a community eCommerce solution for food producers available to communities everywhere. Our tool offers an easy way for local food systems to collaborate and get their products out to their local customers who want to order online.​

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Join us in our mission.

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FarmDrop is committed to addressing our food system’s inequities, starting with community resilience, food sovereignty, and self-determination.

We are women-owned and operated, and are always looking for ways to support our BIPOC communities in Maine and the Northeast.

Our simple technology connects us more directly to the source of our food, it allows access to the food that is being made in our regions, and creates a convenient shopping experience for all.

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As soon as a Market Hub Manager is designated in your community, local producers will be invited to create their online stores and upload inventory to a specific market hub. It takes about two weeks to launch a market! An agreed weekly order window, with a designated day for customer pickup, will allow producers to collaborate around distribution logistics.

FarmDrop provides Market Hub Managers with all the necessary tools for training and onboarding producers. Producers benefit from an automated payment processing system, retaining 95% of their listed price, and rely on Market Hub Managers for order fulfillment, for which customers pay $5/order.

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