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FarmDrop & Our Mission

FarmDrop is a flexible e-commerce solution for small-scale producers and rural communities left out of the online grocery shopping trend. We are creating resilient, regenerative food networks that better serve food producers, increase community food access and connectivity, while sustaining jobs and businesses. Our harvest-to-order model reduces waste by ensuring customers get the freshest of what their neighbors make, while producers make efficient use of their labor, product, and time, leaving marketing and distribution to FarmDrop. We are committed to the communities we serve and therefore use a distributed revenue model to support localized social and environmental causes, especially those that prevent food waste and feed hungry families. Our goal is to make FarmDrop online marketplaces available everywhere.

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Empowered Local Food Networks For Communities Everywhere.

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Keeping You Connected to the Farms You Know.

FarmDrop can be trusted to have your joy, health, and well-being in mind. We are your neighbors, friends, and enemies, and you’ve never wanted us closer. Accessing all the best local products online is more than just convenient; in a time of increased isolation, it keeps you safe and connects you to the food economies and relationships that sustain the fabric of community life.

Now with just a few simple clicks, you can buy all your local favorites online for curbside pickup or delivery. No commitment or membership, 100% satisfaction guaranteed, or get a refund.

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Make Food Personal & Waste Less

Order weekly from your favorite farmers choosing from the diverse inventory they offer on the marketplace. Then each producer makes, harvests, and packs according to order, and delivers to your Market Hub Manager who packs your order, just for you. This system creates cooperation and direct connections over shorter distances and time periods, building a harvest and selection process that values the customer first. Those carrots literally have your name on them; your groceries have never been fresher or lasted longer in your fridge.

Producers deliver only what has already been sold.  You get the best of what they create - they don’t waste any labor, product, or time. This allows them to build their businesses while spending more energy doing what they love: growing, raising, and making food that sustains your shared community. And everybody wastes fewer precious resources!

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Inspiring Communities to Eat Fresh & Nutrient Dense.

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Online Farmers Market for Your Community.

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Grow A Vibrant Year-Round Food Economy.

FarmDrop has what you want. We approach all four seasons with the same excitement, eagerly awaiting the variety of goodies our skilled producers make and grow. Each online store features many contributors, who all make new products available as seasons change. FarmDrop ensures great diversity, curating the consistency, variety, and seasonal surprises you crave.

Shopping this way not only fills your table with the best food any time of year, it strengthens your local food economy, keeping money flowing in your community year-round and helping small businesses thrive.

Good Local Food Makes an Impact for Local People.

Sustain Jobs & Share in the Profits
FarmDrop sustains local jobs by adding paid Market Hub Manager positions for each online marketplace, and supports food producers with an additional sales channel. We are also committed to supporting localized initiatives that have environmental and social impact, especially those that prevent food waste and feed hungry families. Tell us what causes you stand for in your community and we will stand with you. You shop for what you want - your dollars make the impact you want.

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