El Vaquero ~ Tallow Soap


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Homemade in small batches, this cold process soap evokes the warm, comforting memory that, in one word, would be described as “Grandpa.” But not the grandpa smell that makes you wrinkle your nose. Think grandeur and sophistication. Fresh, sweet pipe tobacco, warm sandalwood and spice, musk and sharp ginger. Colored in a matching palette of red and yellow Brazilian clay and activated charcoal. Almost everyone who picks it up, closes their eyes and inhales deeply as if remembering something from their childhood. Praises follow with such heartfelt emotion as they exhale, and the words “Grandpa!” are exclaimed as if they were standing right there in front of him again. This soap equals pure, beautiful emotion and one of the (now) most sentimental soaps I stock. Surely considered a men’s scent, but women are just as crazy about it.

Previously named: “Tobacco & Ginger”

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