Rosie’s Radish Lacto-fermented


From our Friends at Gracie’s Garden

Rosie’s Radish
Translucent, rose colored slices of french breakfast radish, daikon, and ginger. This ferment is a lively accompaniment to nori and sushi rolls. Refreshing and light in a salad, with fish, or on its own.

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Gracie’s Garden offers traditionally lacto-fermented products sourced from organically grown vegetables in Maine. This is a raw unpasteurized food. It wakes up the pallet and is beautiful to look at in the jars as well as on your plate! We use only ceramic crocks to make small batches of fresh sauerkraut, red cabbage, beets, carrots, and seasonal blends. There is no vinegar used in our cultured vegetables.
Fermented vegetables are highly nutritious, support digestion, and are an excellent source of vitamins, beneficial enzymes, and probiotics. We pack them in lunches, garnish a salad, add to sandwiches or burritos. Like miso, it should not be heated above 112 degrees as valuable enzymes and acetylcholine are destroyed. We add our kraut to soups or stews just before serving or eat it as a side dish or condiment

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