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Mrs. Hartman's Farmhouse Market



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Est. in 2017, Mrs. Hartman’s Farmhouse Market has evolved out of necessity since those first few years, but always with a focus on supporting local agriculture, homesteading and craftsmanship by offering a marketplace full of both DIY & finished provisions for the Doer and Dreamer.


Mrs. Hartman’s Farmhouse Market specializes in offering a selection of unique heritage American grown, processed and dyed wool. And while one could say my heart lies in the sheep and wool industry, it has been with a necessity to have my head in the game of a much bigger picture of agricultural empowerment. To that end, having since expanded offerings with a broader focus on helping inspire others make agriculturally derived, value-added products.


For me, Mrs. Hartman’s Farmhouse Market is not just a dry goods, yarn or craft store, but has become a cause. A cause to strengthen my local agricultural network through collaboration by inspiring my customers to seek out their own local farms & ranches. Through my diversified selection of DIY goods, all that’s left is for my customers to source and utilize these local resources for their final ingredients! Because while I could offer to sell say, milk, vegetable, or meat, I could never do it fresher or for less than what they could offer it themselves, but I am here to help you find what you’re looking for and find a way to transform it!

Because no farms equals no food,

and when they win, we all win.

Let’s do this together!



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